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Need a pain-free settlement?

Family law isn't always just about divorces and settlements. As far as we're concerned, family law is about finding solutions to problems affecting you and your family.

We understand that family law cases are of a sensitive nature and can be difficult for those involved.

With this in mind we strive to make all cases as smooth and pain-free as is possible.

We always give you exceptional legal advice with best the interest of you and your family in mind.

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Make your property settlements smoother

When it comes to property settlements, many factors affect each person's entitlement.

What was your income upon entering the relationship?

How much did you contribute?

We help you to consider these factors and value your items so that you can split your possessions in a way that is fair for both parties involved.

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For the best outcome for all members of your family, call on 01349 866 777

Safeguard the welfare of a vulnerable loved one

When an adult lacks the capacity to make their own decisions, somebody needs to make them on their behalf.

To help you protect vulnerable loved ones, we provide the legal services you need to manage their affairs.

We also help you make arrangements for somebody to safeguard your welfare should you lose capacity in the future.

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Take the strain out of your separations

A great deal of paper work is involved in divorces and separations, making them painstaking processes.

We will provide you with as much or as little guidance as you need. So if you want to take the strain out of your separation, get in touch with us.

Is a child involved?

When a child is involved in a separation everything becomes much more complex.

To ensure the standard of your child's life is maintained, we help both parties agree on financial contributions. We also help with custodial matters.

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