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Make the right moves

We understand that wills are delicate matters. Emotions are high and can sometimes prevent you from making the best decisions for you and your family.

For this reason we offer you unbiased
legal advice.

Whether you are making a will or dividing assets, we help to ensure you are making the
right moves.

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It's never to soon to make plans

Many people prefer not to think about death, but there comes a time when we must all make a will. And it is never too early to start planning your finances to provide security for your loved ones.

We help you make a will so you can be safe in the knowledge that your family will be taken
care of.

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For unbiased legal advice, call on 01349 866 777

Ensure your loved one's wishes are carried out

When a loved one passes away we understand that it is important for their possessions to be divided as they intended.

We help divide assets as your loved one's will directs. If they failed to leave a will, we will ensure that their estate to go to those who are entitled
to it.

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Unbiased item valuation

It can be difficult for you to determine the true value of emotionally significant items.

For this reason we can arrange valuations of all items and will even send items to auction on your behalf.

You're not alone

We understand that at moments of grief even the simplest tasks can become taxing. For this reason we provide you with all the support you need.


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